Świat jest taki, jakim potrafimy go zobaczyć...


Photography lets us observe the world in a specific, unique way and preserve everything that is happening around. It’s a kind of choice, resignation and restriction because of showing only a small piece of rich and beautiful reality. I express myself through my pictures. I mean what makes me delighted, surprised as well as reflection and other emotions. It’s not a reality itself, but the way our heart sees the things, makes forms and colours for the them. You’re welcome!

Spirits of places

Spirits of places are pictures revealing the exception of the place in a specific way. Using depth of field, contrast and shutter speed can result in subtle, charming effects. A spirit of picture is created by spotting a unique element in a frame, experiencing emotion, catching something funny or real reflecting on different surfaces. Then an author’s delight and surprise of visiting the place can be seen in the photo.






People – glances, contemplation, forms, colours, shades. To see, to experience, to spot the most important and beautiful of the man you’ve just met. Flashing moment and image remained in memory. It’s all about giving sense to it by using a balanced composition and emotions. To record the right moment drawn by the light or shade. To stimulate an imagination in order to create the story happening in a photo frame or beyond it. To taste the moment of longed-for (desired) meeting with another man.




Landscape is a blend of colours, shades, textures seeing in a perspective. It’s a recording of natural world resulting from photographer’s looking and his experiences. In order to make an impression you must find the idea of linking all elements into a systematic entirety. To be in a right place and time and make the most of conditions found there. Photographer’s light sensibility, point of view and distance to an object affect the final landscape-photo.





Photoreport is a life documentation mostly presenting stories of ordinary people. It requires to be a set of minimum 3 pictures showing time, place and characters in their natural environment. It’s a sign. The aim is to cause reaction of the viewer, affect his senses and vulnerability, turn his attention, often shock as well. Such pictures are not arranged by the author, but it’s essential for their atmospherics to be shown on ones. The function of the picture label should be limited to the form of quotation or aphorism.



Illustrative photography

Image – thought – word. We look at the picture through the prism of our habits, feelings, longing and expectations. We mix all of them with external layer of the picture in order to reach hidden word.

Thought – word – image. Our thoughts are sometimes just single words spotted in the infinite space of systematic elements or one detail…

Word <-> image … after that there is only a word becoming an image or an image has been already a word.